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Joyful Living testimonial: We feel so fortunate to have found Joyful Living; you helped Dad to realize his most heartfelt goal of remaining at home. Bless you for the wonderful work that you do.

Our founders, a mother-daughter team, chose to create a senior home care business from the ground up so that they could be certain that the organization reflected their personal values and beliefs. As a result, Joyful Living at Home LLC uses a senior-centered home care philosophy aimed at providing the social, spiritual, and physical support needed to keep or reclaim the independent lifestyle cherished by today's seniors. In addition, Christianna and Jill are dedicated to running the business according to biblical principles in service and glory to God.



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Our modern society sometimes views growing older as a process of decline. Yet Proverbs 4:18 tells us that the course of our earthly lives is like the dawn--growing steadily brighter until the full light of day! By applying this biblical truth, we realize that seniors have something very special to offer. This is the foundational principle upon which Joyful Living at Home LLC is built.


Eden at Home

At Joyful Living at Home LLC, we embrace an alternative approach to senior home care that is centered around the senior. Seniors make decisions about their care in partnership with us, with other health care professionals, and with family or friends. Central to this approach is the understanding that each of our home care clients must be treated as a complete person with social, intellectual, and spiritual needs in addition to any requirements for physical care. This approach enables us to deliver home care designed to keep seniors secure, engaged, and enjoying a positive outlook on life.
Jill is certified Eden at Home practitioner. For more information about the Eden Alternative, a non-profit organization, please visit

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